A little bit about us

Alan & Karina

Having spent 3 years looking for our dream home in Spain, we learned a lot about Spanish property. We also discovered so many bad estate agents. They seemed to only want to show us the properties that they were struggling to sell. They would advertise properties that weren't for sale, just to get you through the door.

After buying our home, we found ourselves being a source of information for other prospective property owners in the area. A number of these people said we should create our own estate agency, or become property finders, so here we are.

Our Spanish property is completely off-grid. It doesn't have mains water or electric, our electric is generated by solar and wind power, and we harvest rainwater which is stored, filtered and pumped back into the house, so can advise you on what is and isn't possible with some of the more remote properties.

So take a look through our properties, send us an email explaing what you are looking for, or how and where you want to live, and we will see what we can find. We know how expensive it can be looking for property abroad (in one year, we made 13 trips to Spain just looking at property), so the more information you can give us, the easier it should be to find your dream home in this part of Spain.

Alan & Karina