Why do people love the Ebro valley?

The first thing we noticed when we came to this area was how green it is. Not necessarily with grass, but wild plants and trees. Travel a little way inland from the coastal resorts, and its like going back in time. Single carriageway roads, very little traffic, and small towns and villages.

Theres lots to do here. The river attracts anglers from all over the world. It is also popular with canoeing and kayaking. A short drive away is Margalef, which is an area popular with rock climbers and walkers. There is a lovely nature reserve at Flix, along with a larger one where the Ebro enters the mediterranean. Cycling is quite popular in this area, and anyone who owns a camera will love the photographic opportunites that are here.

The Catalan people are extremely friendly. The food is great value, drinks are cheap. The area has lots of the major wine producers. Need we go on?

The best thing you can do is to come and experience it for yourself. Enjoy the food, the cafe culture, the relaxed way of living. Experience a fiesta where people dress as devils and run through the narrow streets with fireworks on their backs, and parties that end when the sun comes up. Everyone, no matter what their age, enjoys life in Catalunya.